The New Website

In recent weeks there have been extensive revisions to the Netmasters website. The site has additional material and older content has been updated. Revisions and tweaks are happening daily.

What is the best way to let members know about the changes?

Is the new layout more inviting – or more confusing? Can you find things? Do you care?

What do you think of the Member login process?

Reply to this Post and tell me (and other members) your ideas about the website. What do you think of it and what do you want on the site? What are your top three “go to” items?

Cheers, Alan


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3 Responses to The New Website

  1. Avatar for gerryp
    gerryp October 2, 2012 at 1:06 pm #


    I can’t do any other than agree with you (is this a mutual admiration society?). I like giving feedback, whether it is here, a restaurant (on Trip Advisor), to wineries when I’ve tasted their offerings. Without feedback from customers/clients it is difficult to improve. It is also important that the feedback is helpful and honest. I think our Toastmasters training helps us in this regard.

    I do belive you have made great strides with the website, it looks attractive and is easy to navigate. To be inuitive to the user is really difficult for the webmaster to negotiate largely because the webmaster knows whet he/she means and where things are. What is logical to one person is not necessarily logical to another.


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    gerryp September 27, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    Alan the site is looking much better than before. It is also easier to navigate. The Netmasters site like all clubs serves two purposes, firstly to attract potential new members. Where we differ here from ANY other Toastmasters Club is that our audience is truly World Wide. I would like to look at some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on the entire site.

    Secondly the site acts as a repository for members. Again we are unique in that the main thrust of our activity is geared to electronic presentations and meetings. The production and storage of the videos is central to what we do.

    Well done!

    • Avatar for Alan Smith
      Alan Smith September 28, 2012 at 8:03 am #

      Thanks for comments gerryp. We will continue with our improvements. You are a valued member-user of the website – but there are some members who are not regular users. It’s hard to get feedback on “added member value” when they don’t see any value in the first place! I guess that’s the perpetual problem of advertisers worldwide. Alan