Netmasters Meeting 99

A great success

Technically it went very well,

The Zoom software handled four online attendees cleanly.  The onsite connections worked seamlessly.

The meeting was excellent

Colin, our Sgt at Arms, opened the meeting online from Banjup sharp on 7pm (UTC +8 of course)

Alan was totally competent as Toastmaster while he juggled sound levels and mutes from the various inputs.

Visitors  – we had 3 interested visitors onsite at the meeting – Pauline, Carla & Sandra.  Perhaps we may recruit some new members.

Estelita in Rockingham inspired us at the beginning of the meeting.

Colin gave us a dramatic talk online from Banjup – Taking the Jump – as he finally exited the plan on his first parachute jump.  Greg evaluated him.

Tracey in Yorkshire powerfully persuaded us that Stress kills – so try some laughter therapy as she does.  Glenis evaluated her.

David, onsite in the meeting, gave a Demonstration Talk about Video speeches on the Internet.  He is working to convince us that we should all try it out, with support from Netmasters.  After his presentation there was a 7 minute Question and Answer session, with several questions from our visitors.  Estelita evaluated him.

Greg presented Table Topics quite brilliantly with carefully targeted questions

  • Visitor Pauline led off
  • Visitor Sandra told us about come to Australia from Germany
  • Visitor Carla drew a vivid picture of her difficult abused childhood, then her many years as a nun followed by a complete change when she left the sisterhood.
  • Member Ben online from Israel was very happy to describe his very recent wedding – a small one by Israeli standards with only about 350 guests.

Hugh handled his first stint as Timer with relaxed aplomb

David, in his Officer role as Vice President Education, conducted Business.  At our next meeting we will have have to appoint our representatives for the Area S35 International and Evaluation contests.  So far, there has been not notice of where and when the Contests will be held.

Alan invited feedback from all our online attendees and our onsite members, before he closed the meeting at 8.30pm.

Glenis provided an excellent supper for our online attendees.

Overall the meeting was a great success.  The smooth functioning of the technology resulted from a lot of careful and skilful work from Alan, with help from David.






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