President David Nicholas

Netmasters is a Toastmaster club with a difference.  Almost all Toastmaster clubs meet at a particular location and members have to be physically present at that location.  At our Netmasters meetings some members are present physically and some are present using online webinar technology.


Our Netmasters vision is to provide for our members a Toastmasters club which encourages building skills in internet based communication and video production of speeches and online presentations.  This will be facilitated by:

  • Making available meeting attendance by online technology
  • Including manual speeches and evaluations by all members, either physically or remotely attending.
  • Encouraging dual Toastmasters membership for people in remote locations
  • Accepting videoed manual speeches which have written and oral evaluations
  • Providing help to members seeking to develop skills in video presentation.


Netmasters is an advanced Toastmaster club.  There is a requirement that members must have a dual membership of another club.  We are not currently accepting new to Toastmasters member applications.

Types of speeches

Speeches delivered to a meeting

These speeches are delivered and evaluated by members present either physically or online.  When the speaker or evaluator is present online a written evaluation will be prepared and emailed to the speaker for insertion into their manual.

Speeches prepared and delivered in video format

These speeches from outside a regular meeting will be uploaded to YouTube and entered on the Netmasters website for viewing and written evaluation.  An oral evaluation will be presented at the next available meeting.

Video Speeches

This is an emerging opportunity which we are embracing on behalf of our members.

Members can prepare speeches which are enhanced by video editing techniques through adding titles, still photos, sound clips and extra video clips.  It is important that these techniques are used to enhance the objectives of specific manual speeches.  Whatever the origin of the material, the resultant video quality must be of reasonable standard for both sound and vision to enable viewing and evaluation to be done without undue difficulty.  The evaluation of video speeches will include feedback on both the speech itself and video production.

We are not currently accepting audio online speeches.

Club Officers 2014-15

President – David Nicholas

VP Education – David Nicholas

VP Membership – Greg Lynn
VP PR – Michelle Goodwill
Secretary – Tina Tuira-Waldon
Treasurer – Alan Smith
SAA – Peter Law
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