Next Meeting

At Booragoon on May 26, 2016. By invitation only. Members and interested visitors will be advised of the specific address. Email David for details to join an on-line or on-site meeting.

David Nicholas, Club Founder & current VP Education

Welcome to Netmasters, a new concept in Toastmaster Clubs.

We have a Toastmasters club which has members and visitors who live around the world.  Most of us are in Perth, Western Australia but we have had members who live in Japan, Singapore and South Africa.  Currently we have had visitors from Liberia and Chile   We have developed into a truly international club.

As well we are working to set up an online forum for members who can’t make it regularly to a face to face Toastmaster meeting. We aim to help members improve their public speaking through the medium of creating and evaluating recorded video speeches. To improve our skills and resolve technical and people problems, members are sharing the information and techniques we are acquiring.

You can look at some of our regular speech videos.  Follow the menu above or click on this link Video Speeches to get YouTube access to a range of video speeches from members. Better still come along to a meeting, either in person or online, and see if there is something of benefit for you. We are sure there is.

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An Introduction to Netmasters
(March 2015)

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Meeting details
We meet  monthly. The meeting is held at at a member’s house, from 7-8.30 pm (UTC+8) on the 4th Thursday.     Email David for the address of the next meeting.


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